The photo book 角頭 – Gatao follows the shooting of a Taiwanese gangster movie and instead of following the story of the movie it presents different elements that will always be in a Taiwanese gangster movie, such as, a funeral, a temple, an execution, and more. In doing so the book gives a glimpse into the life of a Chinese triad.

GATAO is the pronunciation of the two Chinese characters 角 (GA) and 頭 (TAO) in the local Taiwanese language. The translation of the characters is GA=”Corner” TAO=”Head”, or, the boss on the street corner. In Taiwan, there will be many GATAO, and many GATAO in parallel are members of a triad. They work independently from each other but belong to a gang. And there is more than one gang.

In Taiwan, GATAO has also become the name of movies produced by a GATAO branch itself and using many brothers in the movie. This book follows the shooting of such a movie.

The book can be found in major book stores in Taiwan and can be bought online, currently only in Taiwan: